Should you train with a cold???

It is that time of year when the common cold hits and it feels like everyone we know got a cold.
Luckily I have dodged a cold this year so far, I have now cursed myself.

I have been asked over the years many times should I work out when I have a cold?
My answer is simple, I’m not a doctor, how do you feel?
There is a common rule to the cold, and that is above the neck rule; if your symptoms include a runny nose, dry cough, or sneezing you should be fine to exercise.
At the same time please consider people around you, nobody wants your cold, maybe take this time to let your body rest.
Don’t exercise if you have a fever, fatigue, or widespread muscle aches

I’m sure we’ve heard all the myth about sweating out a cold, the idea of using heat/ exercise makes a cold go away faster.
Sweating out a cold may provide temporary symptom relief, it does not shorten the time that you’re sick.

If you do decide to work out with a cold, reduce the intensity and length of your workout, let your body guide you.
If you attempt to exercise at your normal intensity you could risk injury or further illness if you’re suffering from more than a cold.

If you have taken a break from training due to illness, don’t assume that you can get right back to where you were, so if you’re not pulling the numbers that you usually do, don’t push yourself, you will get back to where you were with time and patience.
A cold is just a minor setback from our training, it’s better than having to recover from a full-blown injury.

Personally, myself having a heart condition, I take a step away from training, I know my body and I don’t want to put the extra strain on the hardest working muscle in my body, which is the heart if you didn’t know.
Did you know that even when you feel better/ feel fully recovered it can an take up to 5 days for your body to be fully recovered, so I don’t rush back to training.

I learned the hard way, I had a cardiac arrest at Hastings Half Marathon in 2008.
The week half of the half marathon I was suffering from a cold, at the time I didn’t know I had a heart condition.
I feel that is one of the reasons I had my cardiac arrest I put too much strain on my heart.

I will train clients if they have a cold, throughout the session, I will ask how you are feeling, this is to remind you to be thinking about your body and what your feeling, there is no failure in knowing your body.

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